Release: Win4BSD Pro Desktop 1.0

From the same creators of Win4Lin a new product hits the first release: Win4BSD.

Win4BSD, just like Win4Lin, is a QEMU/KQEMU commercial repackage which currently allows customers to run Microsoft Windows on FreeBSD, PC-BSD and Desktop BSD.

Support for OpenBSD and NetBSD is expected in future releases.

This first release offers among others following features:

  • One-Click-to-Windows provides extremely easy installation of Windows
  • Runs Windows 2000/XP Applications and Desktop on BSD at near-native speed
  • Ability to display either full desktop mode or “floating” application mode
  • Full support for audio playback and recording

Download it here.

With this new release the Win4Lin company seems to re-organize itself under the new image of Virtual Bridges.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.