Atempo introduces support for VMware ESX Server in its Time Navigator 4.1

Quoting from the Atempo official announcement:

Atempo, Inc., the leader in data protection and storage security for trusted information lifecycle management (ILM), today announced the release of Time Navigator 4.1.

This latest version features the second generation of Time Navigator’s integrated storage security module– Security and Compliance Manager–and features new support for VMware ESX Servers.

Time Navigator for VMware is designed as a complement to the standard Time Navigator backup agent installed on each virtual machine. Using VMware snapshot technology, Time Navigator can backup entire virtual machines without interrupting the work on these machines and can restore a complete virtual machine or just one disk. The restore interface provides administrators with a graphical view of all ESX Servers and virtual machines, with no need to install or configure complex scripts. In a few mouse clicks, administrators can quickly restore data with Time Navigator’s unique VMware GUI.

Key features of Time Navigator for VMware include:

  • Full Support of ESX
    This includes server backups, virtual machine backups and support of VMFS
  • User-friendly Restore Interface
    No need to install or configure complex scripts
  • Platform-independent Archive Module
    For long-term data retention and regulatory compliance
  • Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape Backups
    Backup the VMware ESX Server data to disk, then to tape for the most efficient backup architecture
  • Advanced Reporting
    For monitoring backup and recovery activities and performance