moka5 launches LivePC public beta

Two months after starting an invitation-based beta program for a new product called LivePC, moka5 extends the program to public.

LivePC brings the rising concept of service virtualization (or Software as a Service, aka SaaS), these days so much hyped thanks to VMware Virtual Appliances, at its maximum.

Being delivered in two versions, for Windows and for bare metal installations (like VMware ESX Server does), LivePC enterely depends on VMware Player.
It’s able to import existing virtual machines or to create new ones with a very basic .vmx generator, but final product are always pure VMware virtual machines.

moka5 wrapper doesn’t add anything to the execution of the virtual machine, so we can’t consider LivePC a real virtualization platform, but introduces the concept of virtual machine subscription:

LivePC technology allows a LivePC creator to deliver new PC content to many users instantly and effortlessly. Users simply subscribe to LivePCs they are interested in, just like updating a music play list or changing a TV channel, and the LivePCs are streamed over the network to them.
Every time a user brings up a LivePC, it has the latest features provided by the LivePC creator: new software, new data, security patches or even a new operating system.

LivePCs can be run on any Windows PC using the free moka5 LivePC Engine. moka5’s streaming technology enables users to start running a LivePC long before it has completely downloaded. LivePCs even work when disconnected from the network.

Download the beta here.