INSYSTEK to support VMware VirtualCenter and other virtual management products

Quoting from the Insystek official announcement:

…INSYSTEK CTO, Richard Carlsen, stated publicly Monday that virtualization management will be an enabled technology to all INSYSTEK solutions.
Initial support for VMware VirtualCenter is expected to be in beta with in the next couple of months.

INSYSTEK Virtualize IT technology provides the ability to effortlessly manage complex virtual infrastructures from the same console used to manage the physical one.
Automatically discover virtual assets, determine resource usage and performance.

This year we can expect the Virtual IT enabled solutions with several features:

  • Enterprise management support for thousands of physical and virtual machines
  • Discover virtual infrastructure systems and resources
  • Create virtual servers and desktops
  • Automatically track and manage physical and virtual relationships
  • Deploy software applications to your virtual environment
  • Run reports for virtual resource configurations and usage
  • Audit all virtual machines for resource configurations
  • Audit guests for operating system and software configurations