Book: IBM Virtualization Engine 2.1 for System z

IBM Redbooks department published this time a special Redbook about the IBM Virtualization Engine:

This IBM Redbook is a student workbook for IBM Virtualization Engine V2.1 on Linux for IBM System z9. It is based on classes given to IBM students in a classroom. The book guides you in installing, configuring, and using the suite of products available for the IBM System z mainframe. IBM Director 5.10, IBM Director z/VM Center extensions, Enterprise Workload Manager V2.1 (EWLM), Virtualization Engine Console, Resource Dependency Service V2.1, the Director and EWLM bridges to the Virtualization Engine Console are all installed on four separate Linux images (z/VM guests). This book also provides exercises for exploring the IBM Director system management functions, such as monitoring and event action planning.

In this book, you go through a lab on step-by-step provisioning of new Linux images under z/VM using the Director z/VM Center extensions. The EWLM exercises explores Application Response Measurement (ARM) enabling a Web-based application to trace and analyze the performance of a Web transaction from a Web page to a Web server to IBM WebSphere and its return. You have Resource Dependency Service exercises executed to develop and explore cross-system topologies. The book explores Virtualization Engine console interface with the above products, along with IBM Tivoli Directory Server and IBM DB2.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – Overview of the products
  • Chapter 2 – Virtualization Engine V2.1: Class infrastructure and tools
  • Chapter 3 – Installing Virtualization Engine V2.1
  • Chapter 4 – Configuring Virtualization Engine V2.1

Download it here.