Opsware to offer multi-virtualization platforms management solution

Quoting from the Opsware official announcement:

Opsware Inc., the leading provider of Data Center Automation software, today announced the company’s strategy for managing complex virtual server environments at the company’s annual user conference, OPSWorld, held this week in San Jose, CA.

Horowitz’s keynote discussed and demonstrated the value that automation can deliver for environments virtualized with technologies such as VMware, Microsoft Virtual Server, Sun Solaris 10, XenSource and others, both in terms of setting up these environments as well as in the ongoing management of them.

Opsware has developed a comprehensive solution available in the near future and today unveiled the longer-term roadmap for automating the management of virtualized IT environments.

Opsware will automate the process of creating virtual servers through a simple point-and-click interface that enables rapid creation of virtual machines for all virtual server platforms, including VMware, Sun Solaris, Microsoft Virtual Server and XenSource. Without this level of automation, IT organizations would have to use separate, disparate point tools, each requiring administrators to have specialized knowledge and expertise.

Opsware enables IT to manage across all virtualization platforms from a single solution, minimizing platform specific training and saving significant time and resources.

Opsware’s solution allows enterprises to automate the full lifecycle of virtual servers including provisioning, patching, and compliance, providing the deepest level of visibility and control across the IT environment from a single console…

No informations are given about the availability timeframe of these features.