Release: Provision Networks Virtual Access Suite

Another player appears in the new segment of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) launched by VMware.

This time is Provision Networks which launches its Virtual Access Suite.

Among its features:

  • Highly scalable broker service offering fine-grained, policy-driven VM pool management capabilities including VM creation, deletion, suspension, un-suspension, power-on, power-off, expiration, and access control
  • Management and monitoring features including full-desktop and application publishing, VM status reporting, and session usage monitoring
  • Fault management allowing users to be temporarily redirected to a free VM in the event that of a primary VM failure
  • Fine-grained access control via Access Control Lists (ACL) and virtual channel policies
  • Access infrastructure including a Web interface and SSL VPN
  • Client connectivity options including RDP and RDP-over-SSL, and client device support including Windows, WinCE, Java, and PXE
  • Extensive user experience and last-mile technologies including seamless windows, session sharing, Kerberos authentication, universal print driver, USB handheld redirection, and more

Check complete feature list and some demos.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.