Parallels launches Workstation 2.2 beta program

After collecting huge success on Apple community for its Desktop 1.0, Parallels come back on the Windows/Linux front and open its Workstation 2.2 beta program, introducing support for AMD SVM virtualization extension.

Quoting from the Parallels official announcement:

Parallels announced it is beginning public beta testing for Parallels Workstation 2.2 for Windows and Linux, which delivers faster performance, better OS stability and stronger virtual machine isolation than previous versions.

Key upgrades and new features in this Workstation 2.2 Beta include:

  • A redesigned, more user-friendly interface
  • Full support for AMD Secure Virtual Machine Technology (AMD SVM) that drives unmatched virtual machine speed, performance, stability and isolation on SVM-powered computers.
  • Improved overall performance and stability.
  • Support for primary OSes running on machines with up to 32 CPUs
  • Shared Folders – easily share files and folders between operating systems
  • Improved fullscreen mode that automatically resizes virtual machines to match your screen’s native resolution
  • Support for dynamic primary OS video modes, custom video modes and 32 bpp video modes
  • Full Unicode support lets users name files in any language
  • Support for multi interface USB devices
  • Full support for Windows Mobile 2005 devices
  • The default network adapter automatically bridges to the most readily available network
  • Change network and bridge type on the fly
  • WiFi support for Linux primary OSes
  • Better sound recording and playback
  • Smoother mouse synchronization for primary Linux OSes
  • Improved performance for Sun Solaris running in virtual machines
  • NetBSD can now be run in a virtual machine as a guest OS
  • Better USB support and performance
  • A more powerful, easier to use Image Tool
  • Easier installation on Linux primary OSes

Enroll the beta here.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.