Lxlabs extends HyperVM support to Xen

Just a couple of weeks after announcing OpenVZ support in its HyperVM 1.2, Lxlabs today announces extended support for Xen and will further enlarge it to include previously unannounced Sun Solaris Containers and VMware products :

Lxlabs, a leading vendor of hosting related software, today announced that they have added full xen management capabilities to their virtualization software HyperVM, and claims that hyperVM is the first and only product offering both software level and hardware level virtualization in the industry today.

The company also announced that it will support Solaris containers and Vmware in addition to MS Virtual Server, and thus offer the one umbrella solution that can handle every kind of virtualization scenario. The Solaris container support is expected to be released later this year.

The company hopes that the key feature of hyperVM–the absolute transparent way in which it handles all the different technologies, enabling the customer to switch from one to another without even realizing that that their core technology has changed–will keep it unique in the market, stiff competition from more established players notwithstanding…