Ardence software streaming solution endorsed by EMA

Quoting from the Ardence official announcement:

Ardence Inc., the leader in developing software platforms for the on-demand world, today announced that industry analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has praised Ardence’s Software-Streaming Platform in a non-commissioned report that reviews current industry perspectives on virtualization. The report, titled “Virtualization: Exposing the Intangible Enterprise,” cites Ardence’s approach as one that is creating a new paradigm for dynamic, cost-effective software deployment.

The report goes on to state that “unlike most other vendors in the virtualization arena, Ardence provides a full provisioning capability from bare metal to applications and data. This differs from pure-play server, operating system, and application virtualization by providing a complete package that can be booted from the network to completely provision an operating environment.”…

Ardence has been included in the Virtualization Industry Radar.