Parallels postpones Server and Enterprise Server products

In an interview with VMBlog Benjamin Rudolph, Marketing Manager at Parallels, redefined dates for availability of company’s enteprise products:

We’re going to be releasing our Parallels Server and Parallels Enterprise Server products in beta later this year, with an intended GA launch in early 2007.

Parallels Server is going to be a powerful, out of the box server virtualization product that is designed to give growing companies access to the same virtualization technologies that the “big boys” are using, at a price that won’t cripple their budget.

Parallels Enterprise Server is a high-end server virtualization product that is designed for larger companies with significant server resources. This product will include a number of our productivity enhancing management tools and offer several high-end features like dynamic load balancing and automatic fail-over protection. They’re going to be a great compliment to the client-side virtualization solutions that we have now.

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In an older interview with, Rudolph announced Server to available for mid year and Enterprise Server for late 2006.

I have some difficulties understanding which product will compete with Parallels Server, since both VMware and Microsoft offers Server 1.0 and Virtual Server 2005 R2 for free.
It cannot be VMware ESX Server, the only virtualization server solution with a retail price, since it’s expected to be addressed by Parallels Enterprise Server.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.