Oracle asks for hypervisor standardization

Quoting from eWeek:

“We certainly believe in one simple universal way to integrate a variety of virtualization solutions, and that is the way that Andrew Morton [the maintainer of the stable Linux kernel] wants to go,” said Bob Shimp, the vice president of Oracle’s technology business unit, on July 31.

“I can say that Oracle is losing its patience over this issue and we are going to be pushing harder and harder on everybody to come to the table with a realistic solution,” he said, noting that it is in everyone’s interest to get a solution thrashed out that benefits the open-source community as a whole.

“Xen and VMware both supply huge patch-sets and are both trying to do the same thing, but their technologies don’t work with one another, and we are telling them that we do not want to take one over the other, we want them to talk and work it out,” he said.

While Brian Byun, the vice president of products and alliances for VMware, acknowledged that the Palo Alto, Calif.-headquartered company had been approached by a neutral third party about offline mediation to establish how best to make this happen, he said he was unaware of any previous request for the company to meet directly with XenSource on this.

“We are very supportive of the mediation request, but we have not, as yet, had a request from Oracle – with whom we work closely–to mediate in this regard. We would love nothing more than a standard, multi-party approach to achieving this for the Linux kernel as soon as possible. We want something to be established quickly so we can move forward from there,” Byun said…

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This sounds strange: Oracle already has a partnership with VMware and promotes its database through a Virtual Appliance since a lot.
They could easily do the same thing with XenSource but prefer to take a neat position in the debate and push for standardization.