Red Hat suddenly changed its mind: Xen is not stable enough

Quoting from ZDNet:

“[Xen] is not stable yet, it’s not ready for the enterprise,” Red Hat’s vice president of International Operations, Alex Pinchev, told ZDNet Australia today via telephone.

“We don’t feel that [Xen] is stable enough to address banking, telco, or any other enterprise customer, so until we are comfortable, we will not release it.”

Red Hat has spent “millions” of dollars testing Xen, according to Pinchev, and has hundreds of customers around the world trying out beta versions of the software…

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Barely 4 months ago Red Hat spent big time announcing the launch of its Integrated Virtualization strategy which would include integration of Xen in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and a series of services and tools around it.
Now, suddenly, the company changed its mind. Why?

Possibly because: