Tool: dd2vmdk

The physical to virtual (P2V) migration is one of the most attracting aspect of virtualization for community, which is working with great efforts to produce new solutions.

After EZP2V, a new tool surfaces: dd2vmdk.

As the name suggests it only works with VMware infrastructures, converting a raw disk image acquired with dd unix tool in a .vmdk virtual disk.
Since dd is included in quite every Linux distribution around, you can use any liveCD to perform image acquisition (but this means it’s not able to do live migrations).

dd2vmdk approach is atypical since the tool just details how to change the disk geometry of grabbed image, instead of actual performing the operation.
The whole thing is done online, within a web application which requires an initial input to calculate resulting .vmdk disk structure. A
After recalculation dd2vmdk list commands to be launched on a Linux platform to modify disk geometry.

The tool is still in beta and definitively not easy to handle, but it’s worth to check.