openQRM now supports Xen, VMware QEMU and VServer

Quoting from the Qlusters official announcement:

Qlusters, Inc., the leading provider of open source data center management and automation software for physical and virtualized environments, today announced openQRM plug-in support for the Xen™, VMWare™, QEMU and Linux VServer projects. Each plug-in takes advantage of openQRM’s advanced virtualization layer and provides a proven method for IT administrators to start applications either on a physical server or virtual environment without having to reconfigure file system images.

To support each virtualization technology, the openQRM platform comes pre-configured with a generic, logical layer called the “partition engine.” This partition engine provides a virtualized server resource that is used the same way as a physical system with no configuration changes required on the application’s file system-images. Plug-ins for each specific virtualization solution can then be added into the partition-engine making it easy to support the creation, management and administration of any type of server under management…