VMware to show Workstation 6.0 and ACE 2.0 at VMworld 2006

While the full agenda still has to be published VMware provided some hints about hot topics of this year VMworld conference.

Apart obvious massive presence of sessions about just released VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3), the company will show a preview of Assured Computing Environment (ACE) 2.0 and will possibly release Workstation 6.0, anticipating what customers will see in subsequent releases.

Customers expect the release of Workstation 6.0 hoping VMware will broaden host OS support finally including the much acclaimed Apple Mac OS X for Intel architectures, where Parallels Desktop is now the only virtualization solution available.

Also around ACE 2.0 there are some expectations, considering the product has not been updated since one year and now VMware is talking about virtual appliance authoring.

At the moment the are no mentions to other two very interesting products expected from the company: a virtual machines provisioning solution, coming from the acquisition of Akimbi, and a much more misterious security tool dubbed Integrity which virtualization.info discovered last month.