What is VMware VDI and where it’s best used

Ron Oglesby wrote a very long and detailed article about VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) initiative, exposing scenarios where it fits better than Microsoft Terminal Services / Citrix Presentation Server solutions:

In this article, we’ll quickly go through an example use case that a VDI solution will fit almost perfectly and the types of use cases where it doesn’t fit. (When VDI doesn’t fit it’s generally for cost reasons. I mean it would be great to have multi-node clusters for every server on the network but we don’t do it because of cost.) Once we look at the history of SBC and when to use VDI, I’ll then draw a “pie in the sky” VDI solution from the bottom level (the VMs) all the way to the top level (the management tools). I’ll note the components of the solution that are already available and, more importantly, describe in detail the components do not exist yet that are being looked at by numerous vendors…

It’s worth to read.