Mark Russinovich to watch over Microsoft virtualization

As you probably read everywhere on the net yesterday the worldwide famous Winternals (and its freeware arm Sysinternals) has been acquired by Microsoft.

Its creators, Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell, will conseguently be part of the company and Mark will occupy the top role of Technical Fellow.

In this new position he will guide and influence Microsoft in several areas included virtualization, as he suggested on his Sysinternals blog:

That’s what makes being acquired by Microsoft especially exciting and rewarding. I’m joining Microsoft as a technical fellow in the Platform and Services Division, which is the division that includes the Core Operating Systems Division, Windows Client and Windows Live, and Windows Server and Tools. I’ll therefore be working on challenging projects that span the entire Windows product line and directly influence subsequent generations of the most important operating system on the planet. From security to virtualization to performance to a more manageable application model, there’s no end of interesting areas to explore and innovate…

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