Webcast: Software Pilots and Proof-of-Concepts: Competitive Weapons or Sales Roadblocks?

Surgient is promoting it’s VIrtual Demo Lab Management system (VDMS) with a new webcast scheduled for June 21th:

Today, more than ever, software buyers want a hands-on evaluation of your software before they buy. Unfortunately many software ISVýs fear pilots and proof-of-concepts (POCs) because they traditionally carry with them significant downsides including:

  • Long delays in the sales cycle waiting for evaluation hardware
  • Additional cost and time to manually setup and configure pilots and proof-of-concepts onsite

What if you could provide your customers with a fast and simple way to try your software in just hours, versus days or weeks, without incurring additional sales cost and overhead?

With Surgientýs Virtual Demo Lab Management System (VDMS) you can deliver software evaluations online, in just a matter of minutes and save your sales organization from the trauma of delivering pilots and POCs manually.

Register for it here.