Mobile Agent Technologies patents application virtualization high availability

Quoting from the Mobile Agent Technologies official announcement:

Mobile Agent Technologies announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has given final approval to their industry changing invention for relocating a running software process from one machine to another, completely intact, without any disruption in execution.

The technology, called Automatic Thread Migration (ATM), provides for a system in which environmental monitoring facilities sense a lack of available computing resources, such as memory, network bandwidth, or CPU cycles, and then autonomously trigger the migration of the software process to a secondary host. At the same time components located on a tertiary machine, either in the same data center, or across the globe, maintain the execution stack trace and state of the program, and facilitate restarting the process exactly at the point at which it left off, prior to it’s relocation to the secondary host.

The migration is seamless and transparent to the application. This fault tolerant technology when fully implemented will eliminate an organization’s need for backup data centers.

Mobile Agent Technologies has also announced the availability of an early access version of AgentOS, an agent based operating system. AgentOS represents the convergence of three current trends in the computing industry. The first being application virtualization, the second grid computing, and the last, service oriented architecture (SOA)…