Gestio launches Virtual Infrastucture Protection Module for Microsoft Virtual Server

Quoting from the Gestio official announcement:

AK Computer Services Ltd, today announced it has released Gestio Virtual Infrastructure Protection for Microsoft Virtual Server (VIP for MSVS).

Following the success of our AppManager module for VMware AK Computer Services has now launched Gestio VIP for Microsoft Virtual Server. Gestio VIP for MSVS allows you to monitor all aspects of Microsoft Virtual Server and its associated Virtual Machines using NetIQ AppManager. Gestio VIP for MSVS monitors and protects a Microsoft Virtual Infrastructure using your production systems management application.
This enables you to apply the same levels of control, escalation, reporting and service level agreements (SLA’s) to your virtual infrastructure as you apply to your production infrastructure, allowing you to confidently use Microsoft Virtual Infrastructure for production scale applications.

Gestio VIP for MSVS includes comprehensive reporting in addition to the monitoring and alerting capabilities. Now not only can you be alerted about changes to the infrastructure, but you can get information to help you decide on the best location for a new VM. Using AppManager and Gestio Modules you can now monitor and visualize both VMware and Microsoft Virtual Infrastructures within a single business view, providing you with the only comprehensive Systems Management Solution for the monitoring and management of Virtualized servers.

The suggested list price for VIP for Microsoft Virtual Server is $2,500 per Virtual Server…