Akimbi announces support for IBM Rational 7

Quoting from the Akimbi official announcement:

Akimbi Systems, a global leader in Virtual Lab Automation software, today announced its support for IBM Rational Release 7, Team products including out-of-the-box integration of Akimbi Slingshot with IBM Rational ClearQuestTM and Rational test automation products.

Through Akimbi Slingshot, which has achieved Ready for IBM Rational software validation, users are able to reduce test setup time by 40% or more, as well as instantly capture and reproduce software defects – all of which substantially streamlines processes across globally distributed application development and test organizations.

The integrated solution announced today creates a closed loop system that automatically launches the correct test configuration for an IBM Rational ClearQuest test case. Once a virtual test configuration is deployed – which takes less than a minute – users may execute tests against it using Rational test products. When tests fail, users can capture a snapshot of the test environment at the time of failure, and embed an Akimbi LiveLinkTM URL in the ClearQuest defect report.
When the developer reads the report, he simply clicks on the URL to view the defect in its “live” failed state, bypassing the multi-hour exercise of reproducing it…