Book: The Rational Guide to Scripting Microsoft Virtual Server 2005

The Rational Guide to Scripting Microsoft Virtual Server 2005
Release Date: May 30, 2006
ISBN: 1932577297
Edition: 1
Pages: 224

Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 is Microsoft’s server-side virtualization product. Virtual Server has been designed to allow users a great deal of power and flexibility in hosting virtual machines in mission-critical Enterprise deployments without having to invest in additional hardware.

In this clear and concise book, Microsoft MVP Anil Desai shows how to use scripting to automate complex virtual environments. The book contains numerous scripting examples in VBScript, Visual Basic .NET and C#, and covers the automation of virtual machine creation and management. It shows software developers and network administrators how to programmatically set up virtual environments to rapidly build development and testing scenarios. The book also shows how to script entire data center virtualization environments to avoid scaling out with expensive hardware.

Advanced topics include automating Virtual Server with .NET, client-side automation with VMRC, event handling, and command-line scripts. The book also contains reference material on the Virtual Server COM API and the VMRC COM API.

This book expands on the topics covered in The Rational Guide To Managing Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 by the same author.

Technical accuracy is assured by Mike Sterling, Program Manager on the Windows Virtualization team at Microsoft.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – Benefits of Virtualization
  • Chapter 2 – Virtual Server Architecture & Requirements
  • Chapter 3 – Automating Virtual Server with VBScript
  • Chapter 4 – Automating Virtual Server with .NET
  • Chapter 5 – Monitoring Virtualization Using VMI
  • Chapter 6 – Managing Virtual Machines
  • Chapter 7 – Managing Virtual Hard Disks
  • Chapter 8 – Managing Virtual Networks
  • Chapter 9 – Using Scripts, Events, and Tasks
  • Chapter 10 – Automating VMRC

Abouth the Author
Anil Desai, MCSE, MCSD, MCDBA, is a Microsoft MVP in the area of “Windows – Servers”. As an independent consultant based in Austin, TX, Anil specializes in evaluating, implementing, and managing solutions based on Microsoft technologies. He has worked extensively with Microsoft’s Server products and the .NET development platform.

Anil is the author of numerous technical books focusing on the Windows Server Platform, Virtualization, Active Directory, SQL Server 2000, and IT management. He has made dozens of conference presentations at national events and is also a contributor to technical magazines.

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