More rumors on Mac OS X 10.5 virtualization

Quoting from Mac OS Rumors:

In recent weeks, the core feature set and low-level changes to the Mac OS X codebase have been firmed up in preparation for focused efforts to produce a “WWDC Preview” release in early August to be shared with developers in attendance of Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (Aug. 7-11).

This Preview Release will not include all of the high-level features and extra software that will be present in the final release due out next summer; nor will it be anywhere near production quality in terms of hardware support or crash-free reliability.

Apple is soon to introduce its “Mac Pro” line, which will sport Intel’s “Conroe” desktop Core 2 Extreme processors with up to two four-core processors for a total of eight CPUs.

Core OS changes Although many details of the new Darwin/Core OS changelog are heavily embargoed for obvious reasons with the WWDC Release still being two months away and the final Leopard release still a year off, we can summarize a few of the less closely guarded improvements being made according to sources in Cupertino:

  • Simultaneous (e.g. not dual-boot) operating system virtualization technology derived from quiet efforts in this area at Apple over the past five years will allow Leopard owners to run OS X, Windows, Linux, Solaris and other operating systems simultaneously with near-native performance and no need for third party software. This may help explain Microsoft’s lack of interest in developing VirtualPC for MacIntel…

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