Webcast: Introducing VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VMware is about to launch a webcast series aimed to spread knowledge of new Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

The whole series is made of 7 webcasts covering several aspects and will be delivered in the next 2 months with the following scheduling:

  • June 1 – Simplify Remote Desktop Management with VMware & Citrix
    With enterprises facing an ever increasing distributed end-user population, Citrix and VMware believe that virtual desktop infrastructures will be an important deployment model. By employing the Citrix Access Infrastructure in conjunction VMware VDI, enterprises that now require virtualized OS infrastructures for their remote desktop users can easily deliver and manage those desktops. Attend this session to learn how VMware and Citrix are providing enterprises with desktop management solutions.
  • June 6 – Effective Desktop Disaster Recovery with VMware & Route 1
    s companies adopt business continuity programs that also encompass desktop environments, the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure will be a key initiative. Route1 and VMware enable organizations to simply and cost-effectively deploy the combination of virtualized environments built with VMware’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Route1’s SAFE Response solution. Route1¹s SAFE (Simplified Access For Emergency) Response Solution for proportional business continuity is designed to lessen the operational impact of potential worker quarantines and other disruptions resulting from man-made and natural causes. Built on the world¹s first USB thin client, Route1 MobiKEY, users remotely operate their desktop applications which look, act and behave exactly as they do when they are at their desk in the office. Users simply plug MobiKEY into the USB port of their home computer and 30 seconds later they are running their office desktop.
  • June 13 – VMware & Leostream Secure Off-Shore Development
    Off-shore development provides a cost effective option for many enterprises that was not previously available. Although lower in costs, this software delivery method also poses its own challenges associated with providing secure development environments to large teams of off shore developers. Attend this session to learn how Leostream’s Virtual Desktop Controller with VMware virtual infrastructure enables virtual desktop deployments to successfully scale to thousands of users. It enables end-users to log on via a web browser, be authenticated against Active Directory, and then automatically connected via RDP to the appropriate virtual machine-hosted Windows Desktop system.
  • June 20 – Streamline Outsourced Support Operations with VMware & Propero
    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a secure way to provide desktop environments for transaction workers such as call centers and order processing, particularly for outsourced and off-shored environments. Many call center operators do not need the local flexibility of a thick client and are typically using the computer for one single application. By serving up a server hosted desktop, a company can easily refresh the application or desktop to these professionals centrally. Propero’s workSpace for VMware provides seamless, secure access, with full single sign on, to personalized virtual desktops and virtual applications from any location with a browser. In addition, workSpace’s dynamic load-balancing and session management features ensure virtual machines consume server resources only when they need to, keeping costs low and simplifying resource management.
  • June 27 – VMware & IBM Simplify Virtual Desktop Management for Branch Operations
    IBM’s Virtualized Hosted Client Infrastructure (VHCI) brings together all the benefits and control of a standalone desktop to end users while providing centralized management and increased security and control for the IT administrator. An ideal solution for remote employees or branch office environments, IBM leverages VMware virtual infrastructure software to help improve IT department efficiencies by optimizing resource utilization, as well as increase end user performance by dynamically provisioning resources to meet the performance needs of each virtual hosted client machine. This enables companies to support more users with fewer resources, while offering the best possible desktop experience from virtually anywhere and on virtually any device.
  • July 11 – Ensuring Sarbanes-Oxley compliance with Wyse & VMware
    Sarbanes-Oxley legislation requires that organizations have internal controls as they relate to financial reporting. One such area for this control is access to the financial systems and data. With the Wyse and VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution, organizations are able to host and stream complete computing environments from within the data center, allowing access through the Wyse thin computing solutions. This provides enhanced manageability and security for our enterprise customers of their financial information and systems.
  • July 18 – Cost Effective Solutions for Educational Institutions with Ardence & VMware
    Educational organizations face particular financial challenges when approaching technology implementations. As public sector entities, finding a combination cost effective and best of breed can oftentimes prove difficult. The Ardence Desktop Edition in conjunction with VMware virtual infrastructure allows administrators to stream virtual machine images to diskless desktops from network storage. This breakthrough in desktop management and software distribution radically lowers the total cost of desktop ownership. IT administrators are able to provision virtual desktops from private or shared images over the network in seconds, providing unprecedented scalability, flexibility and responsiveness.

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