Webcast: Driving Operational Efficiency through Virtualization

Altiris, Dell, Intel, VMware, EMC and ZiffDavis are sponsoring a joned webcast for May 25th, first one of a 3-episode serie:

One of the most compelling solutions that a Virtual I/T Infrastructure can provide is improved efficiency in the datacenter. In most data centers, server utilization rates are far below 25%, resulting in increased power, cooling, maintenance, and management costs. Additionally, there are even more complexities in a test environment due to multiple server models and software environments. The same is true for development activities; they need to account for the different production platforms that might be used. Finally, there is legacy application support, where platform-specific “quirks” can be eliminated going forward.

In order to obtain these important efficiencies while improving the speed and responsiveness of a production environment, a group of industry leaders is working together to provide a complete solution that can be implemented quickly with immediate results. By working jointly on the key components of architecture, servers, storage, virtualization infrastructure software, and management, Dell, Intel, VMware, Altiris and EMC provide this best-of-breed solution. The leaders would like to invite you to an important eSeminar that showcases their integrated approach in providing a robust virtual I/T infrastructure solution. These accomplished partners in this growing area are joining together to provide you with the insight and knowledge that can help drive the success of your next virtualization project. During this eSeminar you will learn about:

  • How this group of partners has joined forces to help simplify deployment of a virtual I/T environment and begin the transition to production environments
  • How this team works together to improve ongoing maintenance of a virtual I/T environment
  • How Dell acts as the direct, single point of contact for virtual I/T environments
  • How reference solutions can reduce your cost of implementation

Register here.