Trends in virtualization interest

If you already saw my 2005 last day’s post you know that is a witness of virtualization huge grow we are seeing in these last few years.

But even covering all available news about Egenera, IBM, Leostream, Microsoft, Parallels, PlateSpin, SWsoft, Sun, Virtual Iron, vizioncore, VMware, Xen and all others players of this exciting market, is not yet the biggest observer of how it is changing.
The biggest one is obviously the most used search engine of these last years: Google.

Google just launched a new service, Google Trends, which I found simply amazing to track and understand how the news buzz around virtualization raised during time, underlying most hot announcement for one or more requested keywords.

I started checking the word virtualization:

then tried with VMware:

and finally tried with Xen:

Looking at them together shows even more interesting details:

Note that I preferred focus bottom tabs on Languages, cause I find this information absolutely new and interesting, spreading light, maybe, on totally unsuspectable markets.

I would like to also add Microsoft, but there is no way to include them reducing focus just on virtualization (if I specify a keyword like Virtual Server 2005, I have to use same criteria even with VMware, which would provide unreliable results).