Whitepaper: Solaris Containers Technology Architecture Guide

Sun BluePrints department released a new whitepaper about Solaris 10 Containers (many of you mainly refers to them just talking about Zones):

This Sun BluePrints article is a must-read for those looking to find new ways to reduce IT infrastructure costs and better manage end user service levels.

While costs from managing vast networks of servers and software components continue to escalate, existing server consolidation and virtualization techniques do not adequately provision applications and ensure shared resources are not compromised.
The Solaris Containers technology addresses this void by making it possible to create a number of private execution environments within a single instance of the Solaris OS.

This paper provides suggestions for designing system configurations using powerful tools associated with Solaris Containers, guidelines for selecting features most appropriate for the user’s needs, advice on troubleshooting, and a comprehensive consolidation planning example.

Read it here.