Book: Virtualization on the IBM System x3950 Server

Another book for the much appreciated IBM Redbooks department:

Virtualization is becoming more and more a key technology enabler to streamline and better operate data centers. In it’s simplest form, virtualization refers to the capability of being able to run multiple OS instances, such as Linux and Windows, on a physical server.

Usually the concept of virtualization is usually associated with high-end servers, such as the IBM System x3950 that are able being able to support and consolidate multiple heterogeneous software environments. The System x3950 is a highly scalable x86 platform capable of supporting up to 32 processors and 512 GB of memory and is aimed at customers that wish to consolidating data centers.

Between the server hardware and the operating systems that will run the applications is a virtualization layer of software that manages the entire system. The two main products in this field are VMware ESX Server and Microsoft Virtual Server.

This Redbook discusses the the technology behind virtualization, the x3950 technology, and the two virtualization software products. We also discuss how to properly manage the solution as if they all were a pool of resources with Virtual Machine Manager, a unique and consistent management interface.

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to virtualization
  • Chapter 2 – The IBM System x3950 Server
  • Chapter 3 – VMware ESX Server
  • Chapter 4 – Microsoft Virtual Server
  • Chapter 5 – Management with IBM Director

Download it here.