New startup blending virtualization with security for endpoint security solution

Quoting from Dark Reading:

Network access control (NAC) has gotten so complicated, expensive and unmanageable that a new kid on the block wants to sell you virtual machinery to execute a little something it calls “effortless NAC.”

Fresh off a Series A round of funding valued at $6.45 million, NAC startup FireEye Inc. says it will help enterprises guard against infected internal users without using quarantines, deploying software agents, or administering policies.

FireEye’s 1U-rackmount appliance connects via span port or network tap to an adjacent Ethernet switch. Without obstructing network flow or adding to it, the appliance gets a copy of all traffic traversing that switch. Inside the FireEye appliance, so-called virtual machines replay the traffic, watching how it behaves with various Windows versions and flagging any anomalous reactions that usually signify malware’s afoot. Devices exhibiting signs of infection get immediately quarantined till they can be cleaned, says Chad Harrington, VP of sales and marketing for FireEye…

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FireEye founder, Ashar Aziz, is a former Sun employee, covering the CTO role in the Solaris 10 N1 Containers project, as reported by SiliconBeat.