Linux could provide room for multiple hypervisors

Quoting from CNET News:

Xen was expected to be built tightly into the Linux kernel at the heart of the open-source operating system. But Andrew Morton, a key deputy to Linux leader Linus Torvalds, is advocating an interface in the Linux kernel that would let it work with any virtualization foundation.

Morton said he prefers a neutral interface that works with any hypervisor, rather than the Xen-specific patch to Linux that had been envisioned.

“For a long time, it was thought that we’d just merge the Xen patches as-is and be happy. But then, Linux would only run on Xen,” Morton said. Instead, VMware programmers suggested a documented, stable interface between the kernel and the hypervisor–and they’re preparing one, he said.

“From a high-level design perspective, I think that VMware’s point is a good one, and that a general kernel-to-virtual machine interface is a better thing than a Xen-only one,” Morton said…

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