Softricity launches a User Group program

Quoting from the Softricity official announcement:

Softricity, the on-demand application virtualization company, today announced the launch of the Softricity User Group program. The program is intended to help the company’s more than 500 customers share expertise and knowledge about Softricity application virtualization and on-demand streaming technologies with other users in their region.

Global Softricity customers who attend the user groups will be able to:

  • Learn best practices in implementation, administration and use of Softricity products
  • Obtain answers, advice, tips and suggestions from experts
  • Gain access to a network of peers for collaboration and information exchange
  • Receive information about new and upcoming Softricity products
  • Participate in beta programs
  • Influence the direction of Softricity future products
  • Enhance skill sets with technical content created for users by users