Apple to integrate virtualization in the next Mac OS?

Quoting from macosXrumors:

Reliable sources informed MacosXrumors that Apple is developing virtualisation software that could be added to Apple’s next major release of Mac OS X, Leopard. The technology will allow users to create and run virtual machines with Mac OS X, Linux or Windows on any Intel-based Mac.

The software, which is said to be code-named “Chameleon”, will be made available in “Client” and “Server” versions. The Client version will have similar features to Virtual PC and will be included with Leopard Client while the Server version will act as a virtualisation server and will come with Leopard Server. Apple may also sell the solution separately just as it currently sells Apple Remote Desktop…

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Note that:

  • This is still unconfirmed but there are several details
  • Nowhere is said the virtualization solution could not be an existing virtualization provider (I’m thinking about VMware stipulated a special agreement with Apple)