Tech: Install Microsoft Virtual Server VM Additions unattended

David Wang answers a blog reader question:

I was wondering if it is possible not to have the virtual machine additions installation eject the iso image after installing, maybe an undocumented switch.

I have created a custom OS installation CD and anything to be installed after VMA will be left hanging, or if you have more files in the $OEMO$\$$ or $OEM$\$1 directories they are never copied.

If there is a switch please let me know the full command line.

The switches are all standard, documented commandlines for InstallShield and MSI. I am not certain why you want undocumented switches – I hate undocumented switches from a supportability and maintenance perspective, and why do you want us to get sued? 😉

Anyways, this is the commandline that I use to automate installation of VM Additions into my Virtual Machine as a part of OS installation – all standard and documented switches:

setup.exe /s /v”REBOOT=ReallySupress /qn”

/s – InstallShield “Silent” install switch
/v – InstallShield “pass arbitrary values to the internal MSI” switch
REBOOT – Standard MSI switch controlling reboot behavior (no, I do not use the newer /norestart switch because I do not want to require MSI 3.0 and I want automation that works from NT4/W2K on up)
/qn – MSI switch which pops up NO user interactive dialog (can use /qb- to get a dialog with cancel button)

Thanks to for the news.