Fedora Core 5 is out, featuring Xen integration

Fedora Core 5, expected for Monday, has been already released since yesterday and it’s circulating on several mirrors, torrents and so on.
And it’s opening the grand virtualization season of Red Hat, as anticipated in this press release.

Reading from release notes we can see deep integration of Xen:

Virtualization in Fedora Core is based on Xen. Xen 3.0 is integrated within Fedora Core 5 in the installer.

The Xen virtualization system has enhanced support. The tools to configure Xen virtual machines on your Fedora Core 5 system now use the standard graphical installation process, run as a window on your desktop. Fedora developers have also created gnome-applet-vm, which provides a simple virtual domains monitor applet, and libvirt, a library providing an API to use Xen virtualization capabilities.

The most important document about this integration is the Installing Xen Guests with Fedora Core 5.

Download FC5 here (while waiting official FTP upload).