Reflex Security blazes new trail with security for virtual computing environments

Ready or not virtual infrastructures are a reality. And exactly like physical infrastructures they need security tools to protect traffic through the virtual networking.

To do so you can put a traditional tool (firewall, IDS, IPS) on a virtual machine and act as usual, but there is a big problem: 100% security products are not supported inside virtual machines at today.
So it’s very good to finally see a product born to be deployed in virtual environments.

Quoting from the Reflex Security official announcement:

Reflex Security, a pioneer in network intrusion prevention, today announced Reflex VSA, the industry’s first virtual security appliance for virtualized environments. Reflex VSA allows enterprises deploying virtual computing technology to secure virtualized networks with firewall protection and intrusion prevention.

The patent-pending technology fills the security void left by traditional network security solutions that reside outside of the virtual machine host and are not fully capable of detecting and protecting against breaches inside virtualized resources.

Reflex VSA creates a virtualized network security appliance that operates within a virtual network and replicates the operational attributes and interfaces of a physical network security appliance, while supporting the Reflex Security software applications.

Features available in the Reflex VSA include:

  • Access firewall, providing permission policy enforcement for intra-host and external network communication
  • Intrusion Prevention via deep packet inspection and inline blocking/filtering for virtualized networks
  • Anomaly, signature, and rate-based threat detection capability to defend against DoS attacks, flood attacks, malicious content, viruses, etc.
  • Network Discovery to quietly discover and map all virtual machines and applications running in the virtualized environment
  • Network Defender, allowing the ability to remove a virtual machine from a network by communicating with a virtual switch and blocking the port
  • Reflex Command Center, providing a centralized configuration and management console, comprehensive reporting tools, and real-time event aggregation and correlation

The Reflex VSA will initially support the VMware ESX server…