Delivering applications in an enterprise environment

Brian Madden posted a very interesting article about application delivery in a Windows environment.

He considered 9 ways to do so, including 3different with products like VMware and Softricity, underlying pros and cons:

  • Application Streaming and Virtualizatiion
    Use something like Softricity to stream the application to the user’s device on demand
  • VMware PC
    Build a huge VMware server and divide it into multiple VMs, with each VM running Windows XP. Provide remote access via XP’s built-in remote desktop
  • VMware Clients within Terminal Server / Citrix Sessions
    Build a server and install terminal services and Citrix. Install VMware Workstation (or Microsoft Virtual PC) as a publish application in Citrix. Then “publish” a VMware disk image for each user. Users connect to the published VM via ICA

Read it at source.

Be sure to read comments as well. The first one states: Citrix should have bought VMware or vice versa and I found it pretty interesting.