Webinar: Return on Virtualization: The Economic Saving of Application Virtualization and Streaming

Another webinar from Softricity, this time schedule for 22th March:

January 2006 Forrester Research report states, “Desktop virtualization is the future of the corporate PC.” But what exactly is application virtualization and what tangible benefits can it really have? This webinar is designed to clear up any confusion and give you concrete ways to evaluate its potential impact on your business.

Join David Friedlander, senior analyst at Forrester Research and noted expert in desktop virtualization, for a free webinar that explores the savings application virtualization can deliver in traditionally resource-consuming desktop deployment and management areas, including: application deployments, updates, patches, terminations, help desk support and server management.

In the webinar, Softricity will also unveil how its new Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impactâ„¢ (TEI)-compliant, Return on Virtualization (ROV) Calculator from Softricity can help you rapidly and thoroughly evaluate the time and cost savings possible with the Softricity Desktop, the premier platform for enterprise software virtualization.

Register for the event here.