Webinar: Designs for Disaster Recovery and High Availability with VMware ESX Server

Symantec is preparing a webinar about VMware ESX Server high availability to put in light acquired Veritas products:

Companies are moving their business critical applications to virtual environments to reduce costs, increase utilization, and gain flexibility. The latest research from IDC suggests that 22% of server workloads are virtualized today with 45% of all planned server deployments seen as potential virtualization candidates. However, the move to virtual environments increases the risk that human, software, or machine error will cause these important applications to fail.
To mitigate this risk, firms require robust availability and disaster recovery solutions. Symantec is working with VMware, the leader in virtualization, to build a complete Data Center Availability Solution that meets the needs of firms leading the charge to virtual data centers.

This webcast will be an overview and technical discussion of how the Veritas Data Center Availability Solution enables VMware ESX to achieve higher levels of availability and be configured for a remote disaster recovery environment.

The event is scheduled for 2nd March. Register for it here.