Review: SWsoft Virtuozzo for Windows 3.5.1 – Security

A common concern in virtualization infrastructure is correct access permission enforcement and reliable virtual environments isolation.

In Virtuozzo authorization control is very granular.
First of all you can define a password on every VPS to avoid indiscriminate configuration modification from Management Console or Power Panels.

Then, from inside the Management Console you can create new users (corresponding to Windows accounts in Hardware Node operating system) and define VPS access for every of them, deciding to specify single IDs or several ranges (with exclusions):

Users permissions defined in Management Console will provide administrative access from Power Panels as well.

Last but not least, every connection between Management Console and Hardware Node is tunnelled inside SSH v2, every connection to Power Panels is tunnelled inside HTTPS, and, as you’ll discover next, P2V migration is SSH enforced as well.

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