ToutVirtual launched a free (beta) monitoring tool for VMware products

Quoting from ByteandSwitch:

ToutVirtual unwrapped the beta version of its ShieldIQ Standard Edition middleware, which monitors VMware’s Player, Workstation, and GSX Server offerings. ShieldIQ gives users a bird’s eye view of complex virtual environments that often share CPU, memory, and disk resources across a slew of applications.

The exec plans to extend support to Microsoft’s Virtual Server in the next couple of quarters, followed by VMware’s other rival, Virtual Iron, and possibly Xen.

But ToutVirtual’s largesse only extends so far. Although the beta version of ShieldIQ Standard Edition can be downloaded for free, users upgrading to the full version, ShieldIQ, will have to pay support and software licenses. Pabari, however, will not reveal pricing prior to ShieldIQ’s March launch…

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