UltraBac Software brings true dissimilar hardware restore to market

Quoting from the UltraBac official announcement:

UltraBac Software today released UBDR Gold v3.0, bringing true dissimilar hardware restore to market. UBDR Gold end-users will no longer need to buy and maintain identical hardware spares as part of their disaster recovery readiness plan, which can help cut expenses. Other significant enhancements to the company’s award-winning software include expanded virtual machine restore support and Online Index based restore capability.

In 2005, UltraBac Software broke new ground with UBDR Gold v2.0 by providing the first Windows backup software to offer physical-to-virtual (P2V) based disaster recoveries. Version 3.0 expands on P2V to also include virtual-to-virtual (V2V) and virtual-to-physical (V2P) restores. With V2V and V2P, administrators literally have every virtual disaster recovery option at their disposal. Restoring and emulating a failed machine virtually can be executed in as little as 15 minutes.

Further expanding on its virtual machine support, UBDR Gold v3.0 also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2. Users of VMware and Microsoft Virtual Server have a new and affordable option for disaster recovery protection from either natural or man made disasters that can incapacitate or destroy a computer facility. To restore a physical server virtually, an administrator need only create a new target virtual environment on the host for the server to be restored. Restores can be 100 percent scripted or an administrator can boot from the universal UBDR Gold CD and run the recovery wizard. Quick and easy restores can be performed from tape, disk, libraries, UNC path, SAN, NAS, USB/FireWire devices, FTP, or TSM servers. No special setup or other considerations are required when recovering to a virtual environment.