OpenVZ beta tests Linux kernel 2.6.15

Quoting from the SWsoft official announcement:

We are opening a new development kernel branch, based on 2.6.15 vanilla kernel. This branch allows OpenVZ users to benefit from upstream Linux kernel abilities and makes OpenVZ kernel patches to be more in line with the latest Linux kernel.

The Linux kernel 2.6.15 provides the following benefits in comparison with 2.6.8 (which our stable kernels are based on):

  • better hardware support, including AMD dual-core fixes and improved x86_64 support;
  • I/O schedulers, which makes it possible to assign different I/O rates to virtual private servers (VPSs);
  • ext3 online resizing;
  • improved memory management, such as 4-level tables support and performance enhancements;
  • new extended bind mounts;
  • improved locking scheme, better scalability for big SMP systems;
  • support for filesystems in userspace (FUSE)

Thanks to OSNews for the news.