Companies push Linux partitioning effort

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SWsoft is trying to get OpenVZ made part of the mainstream Linux kernel–the software at the heart of the operating system–and a part of the major commercial Linux versions, said Kirill Korotaev, a project manager at the Herndon, Va.-based company.

In this, it has a major ally: Red Hat, the top seller of the open-source operating system, which plans to add the software to its free Fedora version of Linux for enthusiasts.

Now an open-source alternative to VMware is arriving, Xen, whose hypervisor is developed by start-up XenSource with support by major server makers and Linux suppliers.

Technically, Xen and OpenVZ are complementary; the first lets several independent operating systems run on a server, while the second subdivides a single instance. But in practice, their similar goals means there is some overlap…

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