Whitepaper: VMware VMotion Performances on the DELL PowerEdge 1855 Blade

DELL released this nice whitepaper about a (still) very niche VMware VirtualCenter feature: VMotion.

The VMotion migration of running VMs from one ESX Server host to another is especially useful in enterprise data centers. The scenarios where VMotion is utilized include dynamic load balancing of VMs across an ESX Server farm; graceful failover of VMs off a failing ESX Server host; and movement of VMs off
an ESX Server host to bring that host down for routine maintenance. In all cases it is desirable that any performance impact due to VMotion be negligible as seen
by the end user running applications on the VMs.

The purpose of this study is to quantify the impact on typical VMware operations of having two network connections available for each ESX Server host
running on a set of PowerEdge 1855 blades…

Download the whitepaper here.

Thanks to VMTN Blog for the news.