Release: VMware ESX Server 2.5.2 Upgrade Patch 2 released!

A new patch just went out from VMware for its mainstream product.

New and updated feature are:

  • This patch enables support for OEM versions of the IBM xSeries 260, 366, and 460 servers. Please note that this enabling of support does not guarantee server certification.
  • Previous versions allowed downgrading the ESX Server installation back to builds or patches prior to the currently installed version. This version of the installer prevents downgrading, which is the more correct behavior.
  • During patch installation, the patch installer did not check to see if the patch was already installed before proceeding with installation. This version of the patch installer will not apply this patch if it detects that it is already installed.
  • Previously, changes to persistent bindings settings (settings which allow you to assign a specific target SCSI ID to a Fibre Channel device) were reset to default values after rebooting the ESX Server system. These bindings are now permanent, and survive reboots, in this patch release. After installing Upgrade Patch 2, you will need to update persistent bindings manually whenever you add a new target to the Fibre Channel SAN.
    See knowledge base article 1894 for more information.
  • Security fix. Corrects a potential vulnerability in the VMware Management Interface which could allow remote code execution in the Web browser.
    See knowledge base article 2001.

Donwload it here.