Test if you can run Xen 3.0 with your hardware

Along with the new Xen 3.0, a new CD appeared called Xen 3.0 Test CD:

You can help the Xen project by testing Xen 3.0 on x86-based hardware and sending us the results. Community testing is the only way that we can test Xen on a wide range of hardware platforms, and the more test results we get, the better Xen will get.

To test Xen 3.0, all you need to do is download the Xen 3.0 Testing CD (ISO image), burn it onto a CD, and boot your system from it. The tests run automatically, and will not make any changes to your existing system installation except to write a file of test results to a safe place on a local drive or a USB stick. When the tests are done, the CD will try to upload the results to our website via http. If you don’t have an internet connection on the test machine, you can copy the file and upload it to us via our test feedback web form.

So download it here and help this great project!