Parallels introduces the world’s first hypervisor-powered desktop virtualization solution

Quoting from the Parallels official announcement:

Paralells, Inc. announced today that it is bringing hypervisor virtualization technology to the desktop by incorporating a lightweight hypervisor into the beta4 version of Parallels Workstation 2.0, the company’s efficient, cost effective, easy-to-use desktop virtualization solution. Parallels Workstation’s lightweight hypervisor inserts a thin layer of software between the machine’s hardware and the primary operating system that directly controls some hardware profiles and resources, resulting in maximally efficient, stable and secure virtual machines. In addition, the technology optimizes Parallels Workstation to work seamlessly with forthcoming hardware virtualization technologies like Intel VT and AMD Pacifica

A free, fully functional 60-day trial version of the beta4 version of Parallels Workstation is available for download at!

“Including lightweight hypervisor technology into Parallels Workstation 2.0 ensures that the product is a virtualization solution for today, and tomorrow,” said Benjamin Rudolph, Parallels’ Marketing Manager. “Parallels Workstation’s lightweight hypervisor not only increases virtual machine stability, performance and security, but also helps the product to work efficiently with upcoming virtualization-optimized processors from Intel and AMD.”…