Akimbi to embed PlateSpin OS technology into Slingshot C3R System

Quoting from the Akimbi official announcement:

Akimbi Systems and PlateSpin today announced an agreement in which Akimbi Systems will integrate PlateSpin’s OS Portability technology into Akimbi’s complex configuration capture-and-restore (C3R) system, Akimbi Slingshot. This partnership will enable customers to more quickly integrate a C3R solution into their software development and test processes and infrastructure, resulting in higher-quality software systems, built more rapidly and at a
lower total cost.

PlateSpin’s OS Portability technology enables the complete interchange of data, applications and operating systems across the data center. Integrating PlateSpin’s OS Portability technology with Akimbi Slingshot will allow customers to automate the movement of complex, multi-machine configurations between physical and virtual servers, making it quick and easy to capture “live” interdependent software systems and store, move and restore them across the organization.

“With embedded PlateSpin OS Portability technology, Akimbi Slingshot allows customers to effortlessly import pre-existing test and development systems into an Akimbi Slingshot library, in stark contrast to the painstaking, manual creation of templates and configurations imposed by other solutions,” said James Phillips, CEO of Akimbi Systems. “This capability also lays a foundation for seamless migration of configurations across development, test, staging and production environments.
Akimbi Slingshot is now the only commercial C3R system capable of the automated movement of complex, multi-machine software configurations across the physical-virtual infrastructure boundary.”

Announced in September, Akimbi Slingshot is purpose built for use by software development and test teams, and automates the creation, capture, storage, sharing and restoration of even the most complex multi-machine software configurations to a pool of shared servers. Akimbi Slingshot is employed by many of the worlds most effective software development organizations, enabling them to shave months off software development projects, reduce development and test equipment costs and dramatically increase the quality of delivered software systems.

Akimbi’s OEM licensing agreement with PlateSpin provides Akimbi Slingshot with automated physical-to-virtual (P2V), virtual-to-virtual (V2V) and virtual-to-physical (V2P) migration capabilities.

“This is an exciting time for both PlateSpin and Akimbi,” said Stephen Pollack, PlateSpin CEO. “The integration of PlateSpin’s OS Portability technology with Akimbi Slingshot results in a best-of-breed turnkey solution that addresses key pain points faced by software development and test organizations in the Global 2000. The ability of PlateSpin’s OS Portability technology to automate the migrations of data, applications, and operating systems between physical servers and virtual machines is a perfect match with Akimbi Slingshot’s capture and restore capabilities. The result is a winning solution for the expanding virtualization market and for both Akimbi and PlateSpin customers alike.”