VMware VMworld 2005 round up by Tom’s Hardware

The famous Tom’s Hardware portal published a summary article on what happened on just finished VMworld 2005, the VMware annual conference.

Here what you can find on it:

  • Will New CPU Technology Impact Our Virtuality?
  • What Can We Do With Virtualization?
  • Existing Benefits
  • Multi Core Chips Conquer The Benefits List
  • ESX Loves AMD
  • Virtualization Compete With Physical Machines
  • Limitations Of VMWare
  • At VMWorld 2005
  • VMWare And Virtualization News
  • 64 Bit Computing, Virtualization Enhancements
  • VMWare ESX 3.0
  • What About Multi Core CPUs?
  • Dozens Of Cores And Memory Wars
  • Closing Thoughts

You can read everything here.